Our focus is on developing quality buildings with an attention to functionality, sustainability and longevity. We focus on finding good real estate for speculative buildings that we would be proud to own, because we build buildings that we want to own – not that we want to sell. We use quality materials and develop functional building designs, so less maintenance is required in the future.

We saw an opportunity in the marketplace for a higher quality fabrication shop and aimed to build one of the most durable and flexible buildings on the market.

This included 32’ clear ceiling heights, 20T crane-ready columns, 8” thick concrete floors, R40 (equivalent) insulation, 20’ x 22’ overhead doors and extensive knockout panels for maximum flexibility. Our goal was to attract tenants seeking quality and we were very lucky to secure two long-term tenants with multi-national presence.

Carstar was working with a local broker to purchase a piece of land they liked to construct their new building. They hit a roadblock when the current landowner was unable to move quickly enough to get approval from their capital partner for the new building. York was able to purchase the land and work with the broker and tenants to construct a pre-cast concrete building designed for maximum flexibility in the fast-developing communities of South Edmonton. This building was designed, leased and constructed within 5-months, and Carstar was able to move into their new space and begin operations.

York has partnered with Cameron Developments to develop and build various projects on 100 acres of land in the County of Leduc, with outstanding visibility to Highway 2 and excellent access to major traffic arterials. Our aim is to construct high-quality product with a “City” business park feel, including buried power cables, manicured common spaces and fibre optic connectivity, but to do so at the County of Leduc’s advantageous tax rates. York and Cameron have currently constructed two buildings on the site for our long-term ownership and growth and we are welcoming tenants of all shapes and sizes to the development.