Joint Ventures

York Realty’s Joint Ventures program allows Tenants to have both ownership and growth. The Joint Ventures program allows Tenants to participate in their underlying real estate, while still being able to invest and expand the business they know best. York provides capital and real estate expertise, and the Tenant provides a long-term lease and receives an ownership stake – a win-win for everyone.

Continental Cartage, a division of Landtran Systems, was looking for a new, consolidated facility in West Edmonton. Being unable to find adequate shop space at competitive prices, Continental Cartage and York partnered for their second joint venture in the construction of a 35,000 sf facility in Acheson. To accommodate the budget, York purchased a 10.0 acre site and subdivided a portion to the joint-venture in order to achieve better pricing. Landtran Systems, Continental Cartage and York Realty are proud of their long association and of the new Continental Cartage facility.

Carlson Automotive Parts required a new facility in West Edmonton but wanted to own and not lease. The difficulty, however, was finding any reasonably priced building that could meet their size requirements. York and Carlson entered into a joint venture to purchase a larger facility that was 30-years old. Together, they renovated the building extensively and found new tenants (including Carlson Automotive Parts) for the building in order to achieve a multi-tenant facility that performs like new at competitive rental rates.

Having acted as development manager for NACG’s 90,000 sf facility in Acheson, York and NACG partnered on a second building to accommodate NACG’s growing fleet and operations. The building is of heavy duty design and includes multiple cranes, paint booths and facilities for the repair, upgrade and operation of the NACG fleet for years to come.